Sunday, 10 December 2017

Marley Marl on the Radio 1 Rap Show (2002)

Westwood is nowhere to be found on this tape, so it's a Future Flavas Takeover with Marley hosting alongside Seven Shawn of World Renown. They play some Terror Squad, D Block, Mobb Deep and Nore, plus Marley's own remixes of Rewind and One Mic by Nas. He runs through some Cold Chillin/Juice Crew stuff (although the mixing is a bit sloppy on this part) and some more old skool on part 2.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

The TRC Hip Hop Show on Rhythm FM (22.05.94)

Bit of an oddity this one as I can't say I'd ever heard of Rhythm FM. I got the original tape from Grime & Lime.  Having hit up Mr Thing on twitter he mentioned that TRC was the graf crew that First Rate (one of the 3 DJs on this show) was down with, so it could've be a pirate station based around the Kent area. Anyone with any more details please speak up!

If you check this blog regularly you should definitely investigate The Hip Hop Radio Archive. I'll be contributing tapes from the OB4ZL archives and there's always tapes being added. Get involved.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

DJ Step One - mid 90s Rap mix (2017)

Had some time free yesterday so pulled out some records from the 94-96 sections and pressed record....

Organized Konfusion - Stress
Big Willie Smith - Wearing Make Up
Nas - The World Is Yours (Q Tip remix)
Kurious - I'm Kurious
Darkman - Wicked (Ghetto Lab mix)
Gang Starr - Mostly Tha Voice
KMD ft MF Grimm - What A Niggy Know (remix)
Pete Rock  & CL Smooth - I Got A Love
Dobie ft Ola - Original Heads
Group Home - Livin Proof
Smif N Wessun - PNC
Masta Ace Inc - What's Going On
Redman & Method Man - How High (remix)
Erick Sermon - Bom Digi (remix instrumental)
Show & AG - Next Level (Show's street version)
Notorious BIG - Who Shot Ya
Raekwon - Incarcerated Scarfaces
Lace Da Booms - Cut That Weak Shit (L's mix)
Mr Live - Supa Dupa
Keith Murray - The Rhyme (white label version)
Brick City Kids - What What
Tragedy ft Havoc & Extra P - Da Funk Mode
Buckshot Le Fonque - Music Evolution (DJ Premier remix)

Thursday, 30 November 2017

DJ Dough & Porge 1 - Heads Ain't Ready

Superb mixtape from Dough and Porge 1 which dropped around 04/05. This was before the internet rendered the term 'rare' obsolete and there's plenty of other treats to be found here, such as their Drop It Like It Hot remix which was in my sets for ages when I was playing out. One of those mixes where the shelf life isn't terminated by all the tracks eventually being available in better quality elsewhere. This is the sort of thing I aspire to making if time/patience/talent wasn't an issue.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

OB4ZL presents: Don't Sleep on Sauce Money

Where you are gifted a big ass compilation of songs and freestyles by a rapper who definitely falls into the underrated category. Like Beanie Sigel, Black Rob and The LOX it's likely that a lot of purist backpacker types ignored him because of his label affiliation, which makes you wonder if Big L would've received the same treatment had he lived to see his Rocafella deal bear fruit. Sauce Money is a very similar rapper to L in that they both are highly skilled in amusing punchlines with an undercurrent of extreme violence.
I first became a fan of Sauce after hearing him on Reservoir Dogs in '98 although obviously he'd been putting in work for a few years previously. A few solid 12"s followed, including the amazing Pre Game which was taken from the Belly soundtrack (realised I haven't included it here but assumed if most people have just 1 SM track it's that), but the 'Middle Finger U' album got delayed after some label nonsense and didn't drop until 2000. It's not bad at all but like a lot of albums from that era it's suffers from being pretty long. It does feature production by Marley Marl, Premier, Clark Kent, EZ Elpee and Spencer Bellamy though so worth picking up if you see it cheap. I've only included a couple of tracks from it on the comp, the rest is notable guest verses, a few loose 12" releases that usually involve one or both of Jay Z or Jaz O, and a bunch of freestyles. The 'Ave' ones are taken from Kay Slay's 'Best of Sauce Money' CD, as is the savage Nature dis (anyone know the backstory on that?). The other freestyles are mostly sourced from tapes I've ripped over the last few years so you may have those already but it's good having 'em all in one place innit?

"thought you was Chinese the way you duck Sauce"

(click the image to enlarge)

Sunday, 19 November 2017

DJ S&S - Niggaz Ain't Nice (1994)

Another tape I posted way back in the early days that I've now re-ripped at 320 kbps. Great selection on this one (if you ignore the Lords of the Underground and Lil Vicious tracks) including 2 Sadat X and Grand Puba collaborations that went a bit under the radar: Kick Styles (aka Flip Styles) with Diamond D, which appeared on a couple of different 12"s a few years later, and Ya Don't Stop which is tucked away on this compilation.